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Pritty Clareium® Gold Rush

Pritty has developed the technology for producing a stunning 24K gold effect pigment. Used by itself, Gold Rush special effect pigment creates the intense glow of pure gold. It can also be mixed with other effect pigments and colourants to achieve a wide range of brilliant colour results.



Clareium 8G310 For Cosmetic Applications 

  • Outstanding Brilliance 
  • Incredible Transparency
  • Pure Gold Base Color
  • Mix with other pigments/colourants; does not interfere with other colours




Gold Rush family


Particle Size (µm)

Clareium 8G05M Solar Gold 10 - 60 600
Clareium 8G05A Green Gold 10-60 600
Clareium 8G305 Sparkle Gold 10-60 600
Clareium 8G307 Solar Green Gold 10-60 600
Clareium 8G325 Solar Gold Satin 5 - 25 800
Clarieum 8G310 (Most Popular) Super Shining Gold 30-100 400
Clareium 8G311 Solar Shining Gold 30-100 400
Clareium 8G315 Green Shining Gold 30-100 400
Clareium 8G365 Green Sparkle Gold 40-200 200